Enter Code to Link your Microsoft Account at https://www.microsoft.com/link - Updated

Microsoft is a very wonderful company that is famous for different products and services that it has launched such as Outlook, Xbox, Skype, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, and many others if you have any of these products then, you need to complete the authentication process to access the product and use it. 

Microsoft has created a uniform procedure that every person needs to follow when they want to complete the authentication and verification process on any product of Microsoft and it will be completed with the www.microsoft.com link. If you are not familiar with the process then, we are explaining the process in the guide here. 

How can you link your Microsoft Account with the help of Micrsoft.com/link?

If you complete the process that we are mentioning here with the help of https //www.microsoft.com/link then, you will be able to access and link all your Microsoft devices with one account and manage all the devices very easily. You can easily refer to these steps that we are mentioning here as the steps explained here are very simple and uncomplicated. 

  1. We are using Xbox as an example here as you can use this process on any device. 

  2. Choose the option ‘Sign in with a Microsoft account’ on the home screen of your Xbox after which, you will be able to see an 8-digit code. 

  3. You will also see the Microsoft link Xbox and certain instructions that will tell you how to complete the process. 

  4. Access the Microsoft link on a different device in your preferred web browser where you need to type the Microsoft activation code that is present on the screen. 

  5. Tap the enter button and now, use the login details of your Microsoft account to sign into your device. 

This will complete the process by which you can link your devices and manage them. It will also be beneficial for you to use the website Allneedy to know other features in detail.