Paige Announces Series C Funding Round of $100 Million to Accelerate Transformation of Digital Pathology

Paige has now established itself as a new global leader in the world of Digital pathology and AI diagnostics and even after this, it is safe to say that the company wants to progress more as we have just received the announcement for Computational Paige 100m series casdin capital as the Series C funding round and here in the blog, we are going to talk about the same so that you can benefit from all the information that we are3 sharing here. 

Series C Funding Round to Accelerate Digital Pathology with New Techniques

After closing down the Series A and B rounds of funding with sufficient revenue, Paige has announced the Series C round of funding that is being led by Casdin Capital and Johnson & Johnson. Paige 100m series casdin capital Johnson round has been announced to generate revenue that can be used to introduce new technologies and products that will help with the AI-generated Digital approach of Paige. 

The computational paige 100m series capital Johnson funding round has been started after seeing and keeping in mind the potential Paige has with the help of its techniques of Digital Pathology. The Chief Executive Officer of Paige, Leo Grady has announced that we are building a new portfolio for Paige that will be used to serve clinical needs and medicine that will help people whenever they need the same. These new techniques will be used to expand the potential of Paige and to test out all the pharmaceutical drugs that will be able to help people in their times to need. 

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Along with this, Paige has also targeted to use the revenue generated from this funding round in marketing and sales too as the company needs to expand more and send its trusted drugs to hospitals and labs where they can be used by people. We are sure that you have got the basic knowledge that you need about Paige and if you want more information, you can simply use the website Allneedy.